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Meta Chaos

Nothing is more absolute than Energy.
Nothing is more absolute than Chaos.
This is ETHERE #.
The Future of Art.

Ethere is Hyper Foundry's project dedicated to interaction and integration.
From a 2.0 world, Web3 has added a new reality to deal with.
Now the time has come to
go even further.
With Ethere we want to add another variable:

time and human integration.
The products will be constantly evolving, and buying NFT will guarantee you subsequent evolutions as well.
This is Ethere.
The future of Art.



The Rules

ETHERE # is the first evolving interactive visual project where you can own all stages of project construction.

If you own the first level of work, you will be sent a copy of the next evolution. And so on until the possible last evolution of the same.

The project continues until the people who participate in it buy and exchange projects.

It's up to you then.

The Visual

Your Art in your Hands .

These visual is created from a 3D model generated through parametric modifiers implemented on a Web-based medium that allows real-time interaction with the user.
You can try them yourself,

very cool isn't it?

BUT they're not all like that.
Some, in fact, instead of responding to your touch, have been manufactured to respond to audio input.
We can show you the end point, but to see the whole evolution you have to enter the Metaverse below and enjoy the video.


Yes , Soundtrack.
A soundtrack composed exclusively for this project.

We asked Riccardo Terlizzi , Italian percussionist and performer specialized in innovative sound systems and member of the electroacoustic ensemble "Avidi Lumi" to compose, play and record for us a track for each Visual created.
Tracks generated through analog sampling by piezos that sample only the physical vibration of the instrument, not the relative soundwave
What does it mean?
That what you hear is not the sampled sound wave. But the movement of matter itself.
Are you curious to know more? We're preparing an explanatory video.
Sign up here to receive updates on project phases and new publications.

Gallery in the Metaverse

Here the works will be exhibited, each evolution will be uploaded and slowly the gallery will be filled.
The works will also be
directly purchasable. This is the Future of Art.

Hyper Foundry SRL, Roma

P.IVA  IT16440611008

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