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For the love of the Future

We love the Future. Really.
That's why Hyper Foundry exists.

To chart the best way to Web3.

The beginning of the internet, or Web 1 , allowed people to connect to information in a decentralized way.

With Web 2 and the breakthrough of Social Media, we have found a whole new way to connect to others, to exchange information and data in an absolutely innovative way.

But with Web3 everything is evolving into a new reality. Within this new digital world, people will seek out new types of interpersonal connections - they will experience a true immersion in a new, virtual reality. The fundamental passage to the Superdigital Era will be based on the possession of virtual elements, which will allow for a personal definition and individual expression that was impossible until now.
A must for premium brands.

A new possibility for nascent brands.

This is why we created Hyper Foundry.

Creative Agency.
Innovative Startup.

Consulting Firm.

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We're based in Rome, approx.


Yes, we are based in Rome.
But we believe that the office is now anywhere with an internet connection. That's why pretty much all of us work remotely.
And it's pretty cool! ✨

Meet the Meta Team

Nice to meet you! We are a team composed of professionals with solid personalities and varied backgrounds!
It is through mutual contamination that unique synergies are created.

With all the strength and scalability of a network of 5 companies and +70 professionals, we have top-class partnerships to create the best products for our customers.

Join Our Team

It takes the best talent to change the world.


Blockchain for people


Hyper Foundry SRL

00172, Rome, Italy

Tax ID: IT16440611008

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